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June 23-27, 2001    
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Twentieth Century Leaders of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

NEW SITE: Up-to-date information is now maintained at the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church official website at www.ugcc.org.ua/eng/.

The Twentieth Century was a difficulty time for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Through Divine Providence it was guided by some of the greatest leaders in Ukrainian history.

  • Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky led the Church through two world wars. (leader from 1901 to 1944)
  • Josyf Slipiy, Major Archbishop, Patriarch, Cardinal and Metropolitan suffered in the gulag yet survived to lead his Church in exile for two more decades. (leader from 1944 to 1984)
  • Archbishop Volodymyr Sterniuk, locum tenens (acting head) of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine , led the underground Church to freedom. (leader in Ukraine from 1972 to 1991)
  • Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky, Major Archbishop and Cardinal , led the Church in exile and returned home in joy to lead the faithful in Ukraine. (leader from 1984 to 2000)
  • Lubomyr Husar, Major Archbishop and Cardinal , is leading the Church into the 21st century. (leader from 2001 to the present)

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