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June 23-27, 2001    
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List of Bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

NEW SITE: Up-to-date information is now maintained at the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church official website at www.ugcc.org.ua/eng/.


Archeparchy of Lviv

1. His Beatitude Lubomyr Cardinal Husar Major Archbishop, Head of the UGCC

Eparchy of Stryi

2. Bishop Yulian Hbur Eparchy of Stryi, Secretary of the Synod of Bishops of the UGCC

Eparchy of Sambir-Drohobych

3. Bishop Yulian Boronovskyi Eparchy of Sambir-Drohobych

Eparchy of Ternopil

4. Bishop Mykhail Sabriha Eparchy of Ternopil

Eparchy of Sokal

5. Bishop Mykhail Koltun Eparchy of Sokal

Eparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk

6. Bishop Sofron Mudryi Eparchy of Ivano-Frankivsk
7. Bishop Sofron Dmyterko Bishop Emeritus

Eparchy of Buchatska

8. Bishop Irynae Bilyk Eparchy of Buchatska

Eparchy of Kolomiya-Chernivtsi

9. Bishop Paul Vasilik Eparchy of Kolomiya-Chernivtsi

Eparchy of Mukachevo

10. Bishop Ivan Semei Eparchy of Mukachevo
11. Bishop Ivan Marhitych Auxillary bishop of Mukachevo
12. Bishop Yuri Dzhudzhar Auxillary bishop of Mukachevo (Nominated)

Exarchate of Kyiv-Vyshhorod

13. Bishop Vasylyi Medbit Exarch of Kyiv-Vishhorod


Archeparchy of Peremyshl-Warsaw

14. Bishop Ivan Martynyak Metropolitan of Peremyshl-Warsaw

Eparchy of Wrozlaw-Gdansk

15. Bishop Volodymyr Yushchak Eparchy of Wrozlaw-Gdansk


Apostolic Exarchate in France, Benelux and Switzerland

16. Bishop Mykhail Apostolic exarch for Ukrainians in France, Benelux and Switzerland


Apostolic exarchate in Germany and Scandinavia

17. Bishop Petro Kpyk Apostolic Exarch in Germany and the countries of Scandinavia

Great Britain

Apostolic exarchate in Great Britain

18. Bishop Mykhail Kuchmyak Apostolic Exarch for Ukrainians Catholics in Great Britain
19. Bishop Augustine Horhyak, OSBM Bishop emeritus


20. Bishop Ivan Khoma Procurator of the UGCC at the Holy See
21. Bishop Roman Danylyak Bishop


Archeparchy of Winnipeg

22. Metropolitan Mykhail Bzdel Archeparchy of Winnigep

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton

23. Bishop Lawrenti Hutsulyak Eparchy of Edmonton

Toronto Eparchy for Ukrainian Catholics

24. Bishop Cornelius Pasichnyi Eparchy of Toronto
25. Bishop Isidor Bortsky Bishop emeritus

Saskatoon Eparchy

26. Bishop Mykhail Vivchar Eparchy of Saskatoon
27. Bishop Vasyl Filevych Bishop emeritus

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of New Westminister

28. Bishop Severin Yakymyshyn Eparchy New Westminister


Philadelphia Metropolitan Archeparchy

29. Bishop Stephan Soroka Metropolitan of Philadelphia
30. Metropolitan Stephan Sulyk Archbishop-emeritus of Philadelphia
31. Bishop Volodymyr Paska Bishop emeritus

Ukrainian Catholic eparchy of Chicago

Rev. Mykhail Vivchar Apostolic administrator
32. Bishop Innokenty Lototsky Bishop emeritus

Ukrainian Catholic eparchy of Stamford

33. Bishop Basil Losten Eparchy of Stamford

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Parma

34. Bishop Robert Moskal Eparchy of Parma


Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Kurytyb

35. Bishop Ephrem Kryby Eparchy of Kurytyb


Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy

36. Bishop Mykhail Mykytsay Eparchy of Argentina
37. Bishop Andrei Sapelyak Bishop-emeritus (residing in the archeparchy of Lviv).


Eparchy for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia, New Zealand and Oceana

38. Bishop Petro Stacyuk Eparchy for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia, New Zealand and Oceana

Information supplied by the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops
of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Nadia Hrynyk
Assistant to the Secretariat


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